Turnlife Advanced

“There’s an old parable about a man who had two dogs that were constantly at war with each other. One of the dogs was good, representing virtues like loyalty and kindness. The other dog was bad, representing vices such as hatred and lust. Which dog won in the end? That’s easy: the one he fed.

In the same way, we have two fundamental natures battling for our attention on a daily basis—a sinful flesh and a righteous spirit. Through Christ, we have the ability to choose which nature we will “feed,” leading us either further away from or closer to His likeness.”

Varsity students, now that you’ve graduated from Turnlife, you can now join Turnlife Advanced. In Turnlife Advanced we cover 7 Spiritual Disciplines essential to a Christian’s walk with Christ: Worship, Scripture, Solitude, Fasting, Ministry, Prayer, and Community. Turnlife Advanced follows the book, Feed The Dog, by Brock Gill, along with interactive videos and 6 days of personal study to complete between group sessions. Take a look at session 1 here.

Students can purchase the daily devotional from Oneighty for $10 in order to maximize the 7 week program.